Ray Roberts 16 AC

Collinsville, TX
16 Acres
Grayson County

Property Description:

This property has been owned and operated for many years by a family that loves cattle and horses. This ranch has scenic views of the countryside, surrounding areas, and features frontage on Lake Ray Roberts.


Located in the southwestern portion of Grayson County, the property is approximately 3.3 miles northwest of Tioga, TX. The property fronts on Hall/Pop Noah Road, on the east side of the road and has a Collinsville, TX address.. It adjoins the Corp of Engineers land and Lake Ray Roberts on the eastern side of the property.


Enjoy great views of the pastures as they make there way down to the banks of the lake. Majority of the property is open with some tree cover surrounding the stock pond as well as the frontage on the lake.  The land is currently being used for agricultural and recreational purposes.


This beautiful property features over 500 feet of frontage on the Corp of Engineer land, which fronts Lake Ray Roberts. There is one stock pond located on the northern boundary of the property. A community water line exists on Pop Noah Road.


The elevation of the property is varied with rolling pastureland typical of the area, and it ranges from 674+/- feet above sea level at the highest point of the property on the far western boundary with the lowest point of the property 654+/- feet above sea level along the banks of Lake Ray Roberts. These measurements were taken from a USGS topographical map online.


The property has good frontage on Lake Ray Roberts, which provides recreational and hunting opportunities due to abundant vegetation and tree cover surrounding the lake attracting the area wildlife. Views of the lake are limited due to the Corp of Engineers regulations regarding clearing of vegetation; however, this provides for excellent fishing and duck hunting, an abundance of deer, and other native wildlife on the ranch. The Corp allows walking paths that lead down to the lake to be built to allow exploring and fishing.


There is no oil/gas production on the ranch at this time. Contact broker for more details.

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