Four Rivers Lodge

Mineral Wells, TX, TX
14 Acres
Palo Pinto County

Property History:

The Four River Ranch was originally named the Seybold Guest Ranch. The ranch was built in the 1940s by Elmer Seybold, who was given a blank check by his oilman father. “I found the prettiest spot in one of the most beautiful counties in Texas,” he would boast to his guests. Elmer, a nationally known sharpshooter, horseman, master blacksmith, and gunsmith, and his wife Dorothee, an international fashion model hosted countless celebrities over the years. Some of the more prominent guests included John Wayne, Bette Davis, President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan. They were more than entertained by the only man around who could shoot a hole in silver dollar in mid-air or bullwhip the cigarette out of some poor souls’ lips from forty feet.

The land along the Brazos has a rich history, with legendary stories of nomadic Comanches, tenacious cattle-driving cowboys, and healing mineral waters. Quanah Parker, the last Comanche chief, roamed these hills as legendary cowboys Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving blazed the Goodnight-Loving Trail, transporting cattle from South Texas to New Mexico.


The main lodge is a 1940s Spanish style compound built of stucco and cedar overlooking the Brazos River. The structure was designed by Dallas architect Charles Dilbeck. Originally a dude ranch, the lodge has 17 guest rooms surrounding a courtyard, and an 8,000 square foot great room with a full kitchen.

The great room at the Four River Ranch has the ability to accommodate a small concert, a business retreat, or a family reunion sit-down dinner for 50 with ease. This beautifully lit hall has ample access from both the 200-foot veranda and the courtyard guest rooms.

There are 3 other houses on the property, one with 2 bedrooms, and two additional one-bedroom homes.


The Four River Ranch is located at 133 Seybold Road west of Mineral Wells, TX.  It is about 1 hour (58 miles) from Fort Worth or 1.5 hours (86 miles) from Dallas, between Mineral Wells and Palo Pinto.


The property features nearly 300 feet of frontage on the mighty Brazos River. There is a road that goes from the main lodge down to the banks where endless recreational opportunities exist. The main lodge and homes are serviced by two waters wells, and there is a community water line that runs down Seybold Road near the property.


The highest point of elevation on the property is approximately 900 +/- feet above sea level on the north end of the property near the main gate.  The lowest point on the property is approximately 800 +/- feet above sea level near the banks of the Brazos River.


Consult Listing broker concerning minerals.