Bull Elk Ranch

Fort Stockton, TX
1223 Acres
Pecos County

Property Description:

Situated in the Trans Pecos Eco-Region of Texas, The Rock House Draw Elk Ranch, is in the heart of big ranch country. Enjoy breathtaking views and scenic vistas of the surrounding area from locations all over the property. Once part of a larger ranch, this particular part of the property was specifically known as the “Bull Elk Pasture.” This ranch is probably one of the premier elk hunting locations in all of West Texas.

An easy drive from Fort Stockton via HWY 285, it is very accessible from town for supplies and food.


The property is located in the southern half of Pecos County. The ranch fronts Gray Ranch Road before the pavement ends and is located approximately 35 miles southeast of Fort Stockton, TX.

Road/Frontage Access:

This ranch is accessed off of Gray Ranch Road by multiple gates along the southern property line.


The Rock House Draw Elk Ranch is located in the Trans-Pecos ecoregion of Texas, which is the farthest west ecoregion of the state. Due to the variety of soil and rock types throughout this ecoregion, a variety of vegetation and plant species can be found. The land itself is rolling to slightly hilly, with some flat land and scattered cedar break county. Tree species on the ranch primarily include Mesquite and Rocky Mountain Juniper. There are a variety of other shrubs and succulents including Soaptree Yucca, Brown Spine prickly pear, and agave plants. A variety of native grasses can be found on the ranch as well.


The ranch has a one water well with a solar pump hooked up to it. There is a small stock tank on the south side of the property and a seasonal draw running west to east that occasionally has water in more wet years.


Elevation on the property ranges from approximately 3,450 +/- feet above sea level at the highest point to approximately 3,300 +/- feet above sea level at the lowest point on the eastern end of the property. Soil types on the property include Ector-Rock outcrop, Dalby clay, and Reagan-Hodgins association.


The property is perimeter fenced and cross fenced. There are no structures on the property.


This specific property was commonly referred to as the “Bull Elk Pasture” by several of the surrounding ranch owners. Known for holding and maintaining a large concentration of bull elk as they wondered back and forth from ranch to ranch. In addition to the elk heard, there are also plenty of white tail deer in the area as well.


Seller owns a portion of the mineral estate. There are currently two oil and gas wells located on the property. Contact listing broker for more information.


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